Are you able? 

Are you able to discover an equation-solution for the miller and the donkey problem?

A miller intends to carry 100 bags of wheat, contends each one 100 kg, from his house up to a mill that is distant 100 km from there. For such uses a donkey that he knows not to support a load more than 100 kg. However the problem is that the donkey when loaded it needs to ingest 1 kg of wheat for each km that it covers.

The question is: Which is the biggest amount of wheat that the miller will make to arrive to the mill?

Note 1: The bags have null weight.
Note 2: The donkey without load does not consume wheat none "

I found the equation: Y = Yo / e but this is not exact.

The numerical solution, obtained by a pascal program, is = 3647,428 kg

The equation above-mentioned yields to 3678,794 kg which exceeds in 0,85% the exact result.

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